Get the YourShow native app

The native app has faster slide control with just a swipe, and doesn't suffer from the bugs and slowness of the Mirror API. Although Glass doesn't have an app store yet, you can install the app if you have a little technical skill and don't mind fiddling around on the command line.

1. Install the Android SDK

2. Put Glass into Debug Mode

From the "ok glass" screen...

  1. Scroll "back" to Settings. Tap.
  2. Scroll "forward" to Device Info. Tap.
  3. Scroll "forward" to Turn on Debug Mode. Tap.

3. Download the YourShow app

Click here to download

4. Load the app onto Glass

  1. Connect Glass to your computer with USB cable.
  2. Open a command prompt.
    • On Windows go to Start menu and type "command". Hit enter.
    • On Mac OS X go to Spotlight and type "terminal". Hit enter.
  3. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the YourShow app by typing e.g. "cd downloads"
    (replace "downloads" if you downloaded to a different folder)
  4. type: adb install YourShow.apk

You're done!

  • To start a presentation, hit "Start" at the top of this page and select your presentation.
  • Before clicking "Send to Glass" make sure you tick "I've installed the app".