About YourShow

YourShow is our first "Glassware" app, now in alpha. Right now it's got a basic but valuable feature set, and we're busy building more awesome features. What we like about YourShow is that it's a genuinely useful app and only possible because of this new platform.

Some features we're actively working on are:

  • Support for more popular presentation formats.
  • Translation of your slide notes, as subtitles on your presentation slides, and as audio streams that your audience can listen to via their smartphones, synchronized to your current slide.

The first release of the Glass Mirror API is quite limited, although of course it'll get more powerful with time. Some features we're aiming to deliver with the "native" app version are:

  • Automagically flipping slides, using voice recognition to know when you've read all your notes -- for a truly hands-free experience.
  • Using subtle head gestures and voice commands to control your slides.
  • Recording your presentation, including voice, slides and audience reactions, for sharing later or as a real-time webcast.
  • Real-time translation of your voice, as subtitles on your presentation slides and as audio streams that your audience can listen to via their smartphones.
  • More more more!

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We're Superhuman Labs

And we're seriously excited about Google Glass! Yes, seriously!

Besides YourShow, we're also hatching plans for some mind-blowing Glassware built around wearable-computing mashups.

Superhuman Labs is Ash and Ed. We're very interested in opportunities to collaborate, so...

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