• First Post on our Featherweight Blog Hack

    by Ash

    Wahay! I got the blog up and running. Actually, if you’re reading this on the YourShow site, this is just a Tumblr blog masquerading as a properly embedded blog :)

    After some frustrating faffing about with the few crusty blog libraries for Python on Google App Engine, I screwed it off and just wrote an integration with Tumblr’s API.

    The API is trivial to use, so I pull the posts, cache ‘em for performance (and to be a good citizen), and set up a URI routing scheme to mimick the one on Tumblr. And Disqus is a simple Javascript drop-in for comments. Easy huh!

    Well, obviously there were a few gotchas to wade through… enough that it’s worth me sharing the code so I’ll get it up on Github soon as I get 5 minutes.

    Till next post, sayonara!

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