• Not VanillAE - Scrumptious Boilerplate for Google App Engine

    by Ash


    The actual Google Glass part of implementing the app was almost trivial – primarily because what you can actually do with Glass is almost trivial right now. What’s taken the most time so far is figuring out how to extract individual slides and notes from Google Slides, with exactly zero provisioning for that in the Google Drive API.

    Also, being utterly OCD, I’ve been obsessing over making the web site itself beautiful, fast and elegant both for users and at the code level. I didn’t want all that effort to go to waste, so I’ve extracted out the underlying work into a boilerplate that anyone can use for a rapid setup on Google App Engine, using pre-built starter code that merges high-quality boilerplate, frameworks and clever stuff from the community. Please check it out!

    Responsive Client - HTML5 Boilerplate, Modernizr, Twitter Bootstrap, PJAX.js, socialite.js, and sticky footer, seamlessly blended and buttery smooth.

    Simpler Server - Webapp2, Jinja2 and Google Service APIs on Python 2.7, all drizzled with home-made decorators and wrappers for lightweight routing, templating and user authentication.

    Fast - Client and server are liberally sprinkled with smart caching treats to keep your site fast and your GAE costs down.

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  • Scoring 97% on Google PageSpeed Insights!

    by Ash

    Innocently running the site through PageSpeed Insights sent my OCD into berserker overdrive. So rather than doing what I was supposed to be doing–firming up the Google Glass integration–I spent two days optimizing the crap outta the site. I finally quit trying to hit 100% when I realised that even Google’s own sites score between 90 and 97%.

    Google PageSpeed Insights

    So this is a placeholder for an article on how I got YourShow website running super fast for (almost) free on Google App Engine. But right now, I’ve gotta get back to that Google Glass integration I mentioned…

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  • First Post on our Featherweight Blog Hack

    by Ash

    Wahay! I got the blog up and running. Actually, if you’re reading this on the YourShow site, this is just a Tumblr blog masquerading as a properly embedded blog :)

    After some frustrating faffing about with the few crusty blog libraries for Python on Google App Engine, I screwed it off and just wrote an integration with Tumblr’s API.

    The API is trivial to use, so I pull the posts, cache ‘em for performance (and to be a good citizen), and set up a URI routing scheme to mimick the one on Tumblr. And Disqus is a simple Javascript drop-in for comments. Easy huh!

    Well, obviously there were a few gotchas to wade through… enough that it’s worth me sharing the code so I’ll get it up on Github soon as I get 5 minutes.

    Till next post, sayonara!

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