• Not VanillAE - Scrumptious Boilerplate for Google App Engine

    by Ash


    The actual Google Glass part of implementing the app was almost trivial – primarily because what you can actually do with Glass is almost trivial right now. What’s taken the most time so far is figuring out how to extract individual slides and notes from Google Slides, with exactly zero provisioning for that in the Google Drive API.

    Also, being utterly OCD, I’ve been obsessing over making the web site itself beautiful, fast and elegant both for users and at the code level. I didn’t want all that effort to go to waste, so I’ve extracted out the underlying work into a boilerplate that anyone can use for a rapid setup on Google App Engine, using pre-built starter code that merges high-quality boilerplate, frameworks and clever stuff from the community. Please check it out!

    Responsive Client - HTML5 Boilerplate, Modernizr, Twitter Bootstrap, PJAX.js, socialite.js, and sticky footer, seamlessly blended and buttery smooth.

    Simpler Server - Webapp2, Jinja2 and Google Service APIs on Python 2.7, all drizzled with home-made decorators and wrappers for lightweight routing, templating and user authentication.

    Fast - Client and server are liberally sprinkled with smart caching treats to keep your site fast and your GAE costs down.